Monday, January 09, 2012

5 Interrogations To Aid Stop Anxiety Attacks

By Isabella Brown

No one lies in bed praying that they'll wake up with anxiety attacks, nor hopes it becomes a debilitating concern that haunts them at every turn. Sadly it's a common occurrence, and these episodes can really have an impact on your life. To stop anxiety attacks, you should ask yourself the following 5 things:

1. Are you saddled with duties? The largest cause of anxiety attacks is stress. No doubt that over-taxing yourself by taking on too much can really drag your well-being down in a hurry. Do yourself this huge favor - learn to say, "No." If you can't get out of the responsibilities, then spread them out over time. You'll not only be moving towards better health, but you'll become more efficient.

2. Do you think you need help? Many people are far too proud or considerate of others to simply ask for assistance. Whatever the task(s) is(are), ask for help. You'll find that having an extra helper or two will allow you to get more done in less time and with less stress. You don't want pride to prevent you from getting help from friends and family: lighten your burden.

3. Do you have any emotional support? The old song, Lean on Me is a perfect song for this point. Find someone that you can lean on in order to get the emotional support and accountability you need to deal with stress. Facing too much alone can really make the tasks at hand look insurmountable. Find a supporting friend or two, in order to stop anxiety attacks.

4. Do you make time for "fun?" Quit thinking about how busy you are - you have to make time for some R&R, a little fun goes a long way. Let your hair down, and live a little. You'll discover a release from stress and an occasion to even laugh. Whatever puts a smile on your face, consider it as part of your to-do list and be sure to make it regular. It doesn't have to be expensive, though that works too if you can afford it, but find some fun in your life.

5. Have you been getting regular exercise? Finally, in order to stop anxiety attacks, you'll want to ask yourself if you are properly taking care of your physical needs. Are you fit? Are you healthy? Getting proper sleep, working out or at least taking a brisk walk 3-4 times per week, making sure that what you eat is healthy - all these things can assist your body's natural functions to stop these attacks.

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