Thursday, November 01, 2007

3 Techniques For Overcoming Anxiety

Many people who suffer with excessive blushing also have a
problem with anxiety. It is common for excessive blushers to
associate their anxiety as something that is caused by their
problem blushing. In many cases, however, it is likely that
anxiety is the trigger for excessive blushing. When it comes to
excessive blushing and social anxiety, as with the classic
"chicken or the egg" question, it's hard to know which comes

The truth of the matter is likely that in some cases blushing
triggers anxiety, and in others, anxiety triggers blushing. Many
people with excessive blushing assume that if they could stop
blushing, their anxiety problems would go away. It's important
to realize that the anxiety itself may be the cause of some
excessive blushing problems. If anxiety is causing some or all
of the blushing, it only makes sense to work on controlling
anxiety as a means of controlling excessive blushing.

Tips for Reducing Anxiety

By practicing the techniques presented here, you can play a
proactive role in reducing your anxiety, which can also help
reduce the occurrence of excessive blushing.

1. Stop Stress Before It Starts

Each person has the ability to exert control over his or her
responses to stressful situations. By definition, stress is
simply a reaction to a stimulus. When you feel stressed out, you
are reacting to some sort of internal or external stimulus.

Feeling stressed out does not have to be an automatic response
to a stress-inducing stimulus. People can train themselves to
pause in between experiencing a trigger for a stress response,
and actually keep the reaction from occurring. Taking this pause
enables you to choose to react to the trigger in a more
productive manner. By training yourself to avoid letting stress
be your immediate response to stimuli, you are able to reduce
anxiety and stress in your daily life.

2. Breathing Exercises

The best breathing exercise for overcoming anxiety simply
involves paying attention to how you breathe when you are not
feeling anxious or stressed out. Focus on your breath, so you
know what normal breathing feels like. When you start to feel
stressed out, remind yourself to concentrate on your breathing.
This will help you return to normal breathing patterns, and help
you remove your focus from the situation that is triggering your

3. Exercise Regularly

Exercise can relax you physically and mentally. Spending even a
few minutes each day engages in an enjoyable physical activity
can play an important role in reducing your anxiety levels.

While these three techniques aren't an overnight cure to a
lifetime of problem blushing, they can have a positive impact on
your overall anxiety levels. The less anxiety you experience,
the less of an issue problem blushing is likely to be for you.
Instead of stressing out over how to stop blushing so much,
focus on reducing some of the stress in your life. Getting your
stress reactions to anxiety-inducing situations under control is
a key to reducing the impact of excessive blushing on your life.

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