Thursday, January 10, 2013

Characteristics Of A Good San Francisco Psychotherapist

By Dorothea Garner

A good San Francisco psychotherapist does more than just listening to a patient. Any patient should pay attention to the actions of the therapist and the relationship he or she maintains during the interview. Ideally, the professional should show generosity, respect and wealth while dealing with a client, as well as his or her concerns. Before settling on any service provider, it is crucial that you look for the qualities that will make the experience a success.

Empathy is a crucial characteristic that you should consider. Most often, the patients who seek therapeutic assistance often have many problems ranging from mental to emotional. These problems often make them vulnerable to more problems and a bogus counselor will not deal with the issues effectively. Instead, the counselor should use compassionate words to comfort the client. This involves the use of comforting words and actions to cool down the patient.

The therapist should be observant and keen when dealing with a client. An effective counselor should be keen enough to identify any anomalies in normal behavior and thinking patterns through observation and listening to clients. This way, they will spot any trends in the behavior of the subject even if the client does not realize it.

Listening and observing in a therapeutic session go together. This means that the therapist should inflect into the voice used by the subject and be keen on the body language. This will allow him or her to identify the trends and feelings of a client towards the issue at hand. This occurs by simply paying attention to the tone of the voice and the sitting position, all of which give valuable information regarding the problem.

In order to get the whole problem, the therapist should avoid interrupting the subject when he or she talks. This gives the counselor time to understand the issue and also time for the client to explain every bit of the issue. The professional does not only listen attentively to the patient, but also tries to make up what the word mean. This way, he or she will give the appropriate advice and ask the right questions in order to get to the root cause of the matter.

Good counselors take their time when dealing with the problems presented to them. They do not just rush to give a bogus solution after charging a hefty amount of money. They should be organized not to take too much time and get nowhere. Instead, he or she should make a working schedule for the client so as to get a solution in the best time possible.

In the course of their work, therapists maintain a great deal of documents ranging from the health records of the client to insurance papers. It is also crucial that they maintain a schedule for which to follow and get to appointments on time and also avoid arranging appointments for more than one patient at the same time.

In order to have the best results, you will need to find a competent San Francisco psychotherapist from the available ones. You should settle for one who is qualified, confident and feels you satisfied with the outcome. This means that your session will leave you uplifted and energetic once the session over.

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