Friday, May 18, 2012

Depression Indications And The Danger Of Committing Suicide

By Dollie Coughlan

One of the worst type and the most dangerous depression symptoms is thoughts of suicide, and possible suicide attempts. Clinical depression is a curable illness but when the depression signs and symptoms hit the individual may feel like there is no hope. A successful suicide attempt stops any feasible chance of treatment and must be stopped until the signs of the depression boost. This is one of the reasons why anyone who is clinically depressed may be put in the hospital.

For most of us treatment method for depression is provided on an outpatient basis, and may involve certain drugs called antidepressants. Psychotherapy is also typically required. Drug abuse is very common with depressed people, who generally use alcohol or drugs in an attempt to feel much better. This can be a dangerous mix though, simply because alcohol and many medicines lower inhibitions which may cause the individual to act out ideas of committing suicide.

In some cases the depression signs and symptoms may be so serious that the individual is put in the hospital against their will, with an order from the court simply because the person is considered to be dangerous to themselves or to others. If a mental health expert feels that the individual will likely attempt to commit suicide or that the individual is likely to hurt somebody else then forced hospitalization for observation can be authorized by a court. This is usually only for a short while until the person is no longer risky or suicidal.

Many people believe that someone who is depressed should just snap out of it or stop being so pessimistic. When clinical depression hits the person can not manage the symptoms or the thoughts that occur though and this attitude could make things much worse. Depression is a medical problem that will require cure just like diabetes or high blood pressure. No one would expect somebody with these illnesses to just recover from it and the same applies with depression.

Sometimes the medicines offered may temporarily increase thoughts of committing suicide until the appropriate chemical balance in the brain is reached. Any time antidepressant medications are began the person should be watched carefully.

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