Monday, February 18, 2008

Warding Off The Effects Of Stress

The effects of stress tend to present in different people in very different ways. The long-term effects generally have the same results. When stress is a constant or near constant factor in a person's life, it can take its toll on a person in mind, body and spirit.

The physical effects of stress are enough on their own to make many realize the importance of learning to relax and let go where it is possible. If long-term stress is an issue, many people face health conditions as troubling as heart disease and even stroke or cancer. The psychological and behavior impacts can add to the problems. In these two arenas, the effects can include anger, mood swings, irritability, loss of sleep and more. It is even possible for the effects to lead to severe over or under eating.

No matter how a person tries to crack it, the effects of stress are bad. When warding off stress effects is deemed an important pursuit, people find they have a lot of options at their disposal. From the very basic to rather complex, there are many ways to reduce and even eliminate some causes of stress.

Some of the most easy to do this are:

* Physical activity. This is considered one of the all-time greats for stress reduction. While exercise will not remove stress, it can help relieve tension in the body caused by it. It can also get the blood pumping and the mind working in a more focused manner. The end result is a person better able to deal with stress.

* Relaxation. Whether it's meditation, hot bubble baths at the end of the day or even deep breathing and visualization exercises, getting the brain to relax and either think about nothing at all or something very positive can have a big impact on reducing the effects of stress.

* Organizing a life. Getting rid of clutter, managing time better and even setting achievable priorities and goals can all help reduce stress. When people focus on what is important and try not to worry about what they cannot control or simply cannot get to, the effects of stress don't tend to have as much of a hold over them.

* Having fun. One of the best ways to reduce stress is to get out and have a good time, or stay in and do so. Laughing, smiling and simply enjoying oneself can all be incredible stress relievers.

It's not always easy to lessen stress in life. When the effects of stress cause stress all on their own, small steps toward change can make a very big difference.

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