Friday, January 18, 2008

10 Best Ways to Relieve Stress

Finding ways to relieve stress are great ways to relieve anxiety. By relieving anxiety, one is able to head off anxiety attack symptoms and cure anxiety itself. Stress is the number one cause of anxiety attacks and by handling stress, one learns how to deal with panic attacks and find other anxiety solutions. Stress relieving techniques are often employed by people to cure panic attacks themselves and head off future attacks. Knowing and understanding the ten best ways to relieve stress makes these techniques accessible to all.

1. Get organized. When one's life is not organized, the clutter can cause stress even for those without any type of anxiety or stress disorder. If one's life is organized, the stress of trying to locate things is reduced and the mind feels more in control of situations. Organization can be achieved through time and practice, and does not have to be done in one day. Even organizing one's desk at work can assist in making one feel more in control of situations and eliminate the stress associated with a lack of control and not knowing where things are.

2. Get plenty of rest. One of the most common reasons for stressful behaviors and feelings is a lack of sleep. If one is not getting the proper amount of sleep, the body does not have time to recover from the day and therefore can feel tired and sore. This tired and sore feeling can cause physical and mental stress throughout the day, making anxiety more prevalent.

3. Get the right foods. Eating healthy can reduce one's chances of a brain chemical disorder and imbalance. Try to eat foods with little or no trans fat, since it blocks many of the chemical reactions in the body that are quite necessary for normal living. Try eating fruits and vegetables, as they are known for their ability to cause a feeling of enjoyment when eaten. Chocolate, in small amounts, especially dark chocolate is known to release pleasure chemicals in the brain and reducing stress. Reducing or eliminating caffeine and other stimulants is a great way to help the body deal with stress as well.

4. Get fit. Aerobic and cardio exercises are well documented ways to reduce stress. These exercises can include taking a leisurely walk, to taking a fast paced cardio class. These activities allow for the brain to think on something different, such as the movements, and allows for the subconscious to deal with the everyday stresses.

5. Get a pet. Even if owning a pet is not possible, visiting a pet can greatly reduce one's level of stress. Petting a dog or cat is well known for its relaxing affects, for both the pet and the person. Taking a few minutes to visit a pet can greatly assist one in managing stress.

6. Look at the positives. Stress can be caused by viewing life as a chore, and not realizing the joys one has all around. Instead of looking at the amount of work that needs to be done, think of what work has been completed and how best to complete the work that needs to be done. Think about the things that bring joy into one's life when one feels stressed or over-whelmed.

7. Take a break. If one has been working for a while, taking a break can greatly reduce the amount of stress one feels. Even if working on a deadline, getting up and away from the desk for a few minutes can increase one's efficiency by reducing stress. Working hard is good, working efficient is better, and eliminating stress is best.

8. Light a candle. The light of the candle is symbolic of hope, and can cause a jump in positive chemical reactions when viewed. Keeping a candle nearby also gives something to look at when reflecting on life's joys, and keeping stress at bay.

9. Relax. Many people are so focused on work and other responsibilities that they forget to relax. Relaxation techniques such a meditation and massage therapy have long been known to reduce stress levels. People often forget that relaxing is a part of a healthy lifestyle and by skipping this aspect, people often cause more stress and feel the effects of stress more profoundly.

10. Talk to someone. The idea that "no man is an island" is very true. If one does not talk about the stressful situations in his or her life, that stress builds and can cause devastating health effects. Talk to someone, one's spouse, best friend, even one's dog. Though it seems like such a small thing, reaching out and talking to someone is one of the best ways to eliminate stress, and anyone can do it. There are professionals who can help manage stress through talking, called psychotherapist. These doctors are able to assist with help for anxiety and depression, which are often the effects of harboring such stress.

Dealing with stress is one of the natural remedies for anxiety. With these simple techniques for reducing stress levels, one should have no problem in managing daily stress and reducing anxiety levels. If these methods do not help in relieving anxiety, one should talk to one's doctor about a physical reason for anxiety.

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